or a lot of Diablo 3 players, there was sadness, disappointment, and utter resentment for the franchise.  There were a lot of hate posts about the auction house, crappy loot drops, simplicity of the game, and the On Line requirement. I have to say, I was one of those players.  I was probably more angry than most because I purchased the physical Collectors Edition box (as I do with all blizz games).  I played my one Hero (Demon Hunter) through the required iterations of play modes until I finally got through hell.  Once I was done, I put it down, and had not touched it since.

I hated the auction house, there was nothing left for me to do with the content; except of course, running the content 4 more times for another alt.  There was no PVP, and nothing really worth farming since loot drops were poorly tuned .  The game play was kind of lackluster anyway, so why should I bother playing it anymore.  And so, I didn’t… until patch 2.0

The new loot 2.0 system is amazing. After farming content for a few hours, I got more loot geared towards my DH than I did in the month I farmed Hell.  The new progression system means I don’t have to play the same content 4 times to unlock hell mode for that character.  The new paragon level system means that all my hard work in leveling beyond max level goes towards my alts also.

All of the changes are amazing, and make my characters feel more like a family, than just an individual collection of hero’s I switch between.  They are all cosmically linked in the world of Diablo to each other, via paragon levels, and my now HUGE stash (thanks  to RoS).  The play styles are new and fresh with changes that were made to classes, and the changes made to active and passive skills.  I have fallen in love with the Monk and the Wizard classes, two classes I found boring before.

Enter Reaper of Souls…

I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of   immersive content, and Blizz sure delivered it in RoS.  The art and creatures are amazing, I died a few times just watching them act and behave.  The music feels EPIC, and really sucks you in; it almost has an Inception type quality to it.  The dialog and stories are fun, especially all of the little sub-quests in the mini zones.  There were even times where I was like, “wow, that’s messed up.”

The characters continue to be quirky (like Shen, and the Mystic), and fun to talk to (except the enchantress who just whines a lot).  The progression seems well planned, I am currently lvl 65 and feel like I am at an appropriate part of Act V to match up with my level.  It is very fun and can be VERY challenging.  I’ve died a lot, but I’m OK with that.


I have fallen in love with D3 all over again.  Progression, loot, paragon levels, new recipes, new things to do, and everything else have almost made D3 a fresh new game.  The thing I am looking forward to the most is Adventure mode!  Sadly you have to finish Act V to unlock it, but I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time there.  If you dumped D3 because you didn’t like it at release, I highly suggest you give patch 2.0 a try, and even consider upgrading to RoS for the new amazing content.

Happy 2014!

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Hey Folks,

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2014!

Here’s what I’m up to!

  • I picked up a FitBit so I can get my fat ass to the gym and into gear!
  • I am working on the website for my new WoW Raid team the Legume League.  This will be an 8 hour per week mythic raiding team for Warloards of Draenor.  I will post more details once the site is up and ready!
  • Been working on my gaming rig so I can start streaming.  The goal is to have an output from my rig to my laptop so I can stream content from my laptop without effecting my performance.  hopefully that will be soon!

Will bring more updates and articles soon!

Console Decisions…

Posted: 27th November 2013 by RickoT in Editorial


 T’is the year of consoles.  Wii U, Xbox One, PS4… decisions decisions.  For now?  I choose none.  Here’s why:

I own almost 150 games, Wii, XBox360, PS2, PS3, and GameCube games.  Sadly, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, have decided to abandon their previous platforms for new tech.  I understand the idea of wanting to push new technologies forward, and drive the industry; however, there are still games coming out on Xbox360 and PS3, which in itself makes it unfair for gamers to figure out what to with their existing hardware.

I want to say that as an avid gamer, I am excited for the new hardware, and to play it, but the fact is, I don’t have $1400 to shell out for new consoles that don’t support the seriously (OVER) $9000 in games that I own.

So what’s a gamer to do?  Sadly, nothing for now.   Most gamers, I imagine, don’t have the cash to shell out to buy all the new consoles, nor do they want to get rid of their existing hardware and lose out on their current game library.  Frankly, neither do I.

For now, I’m not buying anything.  Aside from the hardware issues of the PS4, and the infrastructure issues of the XB1, the cost is too much for me at the moment.

I have friends who have one or the other, so I will figure out which I want to buy first (Leaning towards XB1) but, I need to figure out what to do with all of my games, and old consoles first.

My Failure as a Blogger

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I have come to realize that I have been failing you, blogging community. I have neglected my responsibility to bring you content. Even if it is the simple update to let you know that this site is still alive. The fact is, that i have been so busy, I barely have time to check my email these days. BUT, and yes, I’ve said this before, this changes now! I want to post at least once a week about something, so starting now this is going to happen. This week I will be writing up a small my take on the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor. I will also be writing a my take piece on my views about consoles. Stay tuned!


Today marks the day of the epic beginnings of the war within the Horde. MMO Champion did a great overview of this weeks patch (as always) which you can read here The official Blizzard patch notes are here

Listed below, is the TLDR list of all the cool stuff I am looking forward to

  • New Mounts via a 200 mount achievement
  • New pets from Kara, SSC, and Tempest Keep
  • 2 new pets available on Isle of Thunder and Isle of Giants
  • 2 new pets available in Northrend and 1 on the store (eventually)
  • Pet battle spectating!
  • New Scenarios and Heroic Scenarios (Heroic scenarios require pre-made groups)
  • Heirloom upgrade price reductions
    • Justice and Honor Points 2175, 2725, 3500 –> 870, 1090, 1400
    • Darkmoon Prize Tickets: 10, 130, 160 –> 44, 60, 64
  • Herbalism and Mining profession changes – Can herb or mine in Pandaria at any level, you will receive small bits of usable material to combine into one item.
  • Item Upgrade vendors are back, and cheaper!
  • Continuation of the epic quest line

There is plenty more in the articles I posted above, but these are the things I am most excited about. I cannot WAIT!

Five minutes in, and my mind was completely blown. This movie has you sitting on the edge of your seat, being spoon fed a bowl of awesome by JJ Abrams from moment one, and begging for more. There is tons of imagery, and fast moving action in almost every scene. Some things were a little predictable if you know the Star Trek universe, but the changes in the story line of an alternate universe still leave a lot to be imagined by the phenomenal crew that made this masterpiece.

in 3D, it was an awesome experience, the crew made use of the technology very well. I had no problems following the twists and turns, but I can see how someone with bad vertigo may not be able to handle some portions of the 3D experience.

The music is what you would expect from a Star Trek movie, theatrical and engaging.

There were also plenty of homages to the original series, the original movies, and Star Trek history. The characters are strong, relevant, and match their original timeline predecessors well, in a new shell.

My wife and I plan on seeing this again before it leaves the theater. This movie has completely left me hungering for more of the JJ Abrams Star Trek Series.

Rift Going Free to Play June 12 2013

Posted: 14th May 2013 by RickoT in Editorial

Well Now Happy Birthday To Me!

Rift, my second favorite MMO of all time is going Free to Play starting June 12 2013. This is an epic move for the MMO, and reflects the continuing trend of moving once pay to play MMOs to Free to Play MMOs with the likes of SWTOR and Tera. Current owners of the game will receive full benefits of ownership which includes more bag slots, character slots, and , in the case of storm-legion, the additional souls that came with the expansion. If you wish to continue your subscription beyond the start of Free to Play, you will gain additional benefits such as bonus money on pickup, xp boosts, and the ability to summon bank, guild bank, and trainers as you need.

Check out the full details on the Rift Free to Play FAQ

And We’re Back!

Posted: 14th May 2013 by RickoT in Editorial, Everything Else

Hey Folks!

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on my site have seen some stuff getting moved around, updated and setup! I’m getting ready for the comeback! Coming soon I will start streaming my game play and posting some relevant news to this site, as well as my twitter and Facebook feeds. Eventually I may even start throwing up some videos again! I will not be doing anymore indie editions, as I would rather focus on games i am currently playing as opposed to stuff that I probably wont touch again. So keep it here for Rick’s Take on all the things i can get my hands on!

Since I havent gotten my rig setup yet, I may not be able to stream as much as I would like, but I will be throwing up the occasional stream of WoW or some xbox games! I’m also thining about starting a WoW podcast with a buddy of mine so we’ll see what comes down the pipe as time goes!

Check out the links above (in the connect via section) to find all the ways to follow me!

See you all soon!